How To Choose Right Biz-Op Today…

How To Choose Right Biz-Op Today…

With so many choices out there it gets a little overwhelming at times. So what I wanted to share today is a 19-point checklist that will help almost anybody choose the “best” opportunity for their lifestyle today.

So what is the best opportunity in today?

Drumroll please….

The one you pick and stick to! Because there’s no shortage of opportunities. No doubt you’ve seen everything from miracle juice to magic pills, but that’s only the start. No matter what you’re into there’s a good chance someone is offering it in direct sales.

In fact, I did a quick “google” yesterday and within seconds a dozen opportunities popped up. Everything from Christian business to adult entertainment. So you have options. More than you could ever research. But I’m not here to pick your choices because the best op is the one that’s best for you.

Keep in mind, there’s no shortage of garbage too.

So keep your shield up.

Before we start. I hope you’ll forgive me, because this post isn’t for everyone. But if you’re keeping your eyes open for the next big thing or want to see how your current biz measures up then here’s a few things to keep in mind.

I hope you’ll share your own insight in a comment below. There’s a world of first timers looking for all the help they can get.
So here it is…

19 Point Checklist For Choosing The Best Home Based business Opportunity For You:

Restrictions. What kind of restrictions does the company place on your marketing or selling? Some ops won’t even let you advertise at all. And you can’t blame them with the FTC cracking out new advertising laws every month.

Compensation. What’s the comp plan like? Have you shopped around enough to know if it’s worth your time? Most ops let you download their compensation plan online. This makes it easy to compare.

Products. How big is the product line? Are they focused on a single product or building a large line? In the end it’s up to you but there are perks to both.

Love. Do you love the product? This is one of the most important factors in your Home Based Business. You can be a complete “newbie” and still recruit like a maniac if you’re passionate about your product and know it works.

Ethics. This goes hand in hand with faith in your product. But I’d dig deeper. You wouldn’t want to have a rip roaring success only to find out later that your product wasn’t as “clean” as you thought it was at first kiss.

Family. Is this something your friends and family would support? They might have trouble dealing with some of the “sexier” biz ops out there. Business is tough without a a safety net.

Start-up. How much does it cost to get started? Some opportunities aren’t for poor folks. This doesn’t mean that they should be ruled out, but you have to do the math first.

Owners. Who runs the company? Do they have a history of success, honesty and integrity? Are they someone you would introduce to friends and family without a second thought? It’s worth looking into.

Online vs Offline. This is a biggie. Will you be able to build from the comfort of your own home online or is it a more hands on “go get ‘em” operation? You know yourself better than anyone else. So set yourself up for success.

Residual. What kind of residual income are we looking at? Some products have a relatively short life span and you have to be willing to accept that but you’d be amazed by some of the longterm rewards some opportunities hold.

Simplicity. Is the company structure and product line easy to understand? This might not be the first thing you look at but it’s hard to underestimate the “KISS” principle. The classic “Keep It Stupid Simple.”

Time. Let’s face it, some ops are time intensive. If you’re looking for a spare time biz then these aren’t for you. But keep looking because there’s plenty of choices out there for the less involved.

Duplication. How easy is it gonna be to duplicate yourself, train your team and help them grow like you have? Some ops aren’t very scalable. And if you’re spending all your time coaching how do you expect to recruit?

Training. A lot of Direct Sales marketing companies miss the boat in the training department. Instead you have to rely on your own experience or upline… not the company itself. This can be a huge challenge… especially if you’re new to this profession.

Debt. This is like any other business. Most new start ups will not succeed in any real way. And if you’ve just spent 6 months building your downline it would be really hard to take it if your company went under.

History. How long has your company been around? Do you know any success stories that aren’t complete bull. Do they have a stellar reputation. These are all things you should dig up.

Emotional. The rewards are emotional as well as physical. If you want to make a real difference in the lives of others then there’s companies built around those principles. Don’t worry, if you keep your eyes open you’ll find one that’s right for you.

Cash. How fast will you get paid? This is something that a lot of opportunities brush off. Because like any business, some people won’t make a dime while others rake in the greenbacks. Still, you have to look into it or face failure from the start.

And above all…

Take your time. Nobody says you have to decide overnight. Some people or even couples spend months looking for the right biz. In the end, it’s your life at stake. There’s no need to take a blind leap.

But you do have to take the first step.

Here’s to your success

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