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Jul 21

Safe Is the New Risky.

Safe Is the New Risky – The Rules are changing

Now for how many more yrs we are going to assume that jobs will pay you for rest of your life.

  1. Few yrs before Satyam collapsed and overnight thousands of employees became job less overnight was that correct ?
  2. Microsoft has churned 18000 jobs , now where will these people go ?
  3. Kingfisher defaulted in payments and people lost there jobs and salaries were delayed was that correct ?
  4. We don’t have a social security system like many countries where you can just loose the job and still get basic salary.


Furthermore are people in jobs Happy ? NO.

  1. If you will achieve the target , your target will be increased every month.
  2. The BOSS is always right.
  3. Corporate Politics
  4.  is unhealthy.
  5. Your capability doesn’t matter you are only suppose to do what is asked of you and do it there way, isn’t it ?
  6. Work for more hrs with the same way, take more responsibilities with the same pay.

Now here is a calculation you all should know.

If your salary increases by 10% every year ( On an average for your entire career) and the Inflation increases by 8 to 10% , YOU ARE ANYWAYS NOT GOING TO GET RICH. U remain there where you were your previous years.

So do you have a PLAN B ? A plan B is a plan which gives you a realistic chance create wealth in a few years time to come.

As the great business consultant and visionary Jim Rohn would say : A man should work during the day to earn his living , but should work during the evening to create a FORTUNE.

If you are not born in a rich family does that mean that you and your children will have to live like this for rest of there lives. NO

For things to change we have to get better . For things to change we have to change.

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